RBEF Annual Investor Drive - One-Time Investments



Your investment in the Annual Investor Drive goes to support every child in the Redondo Beach Unified School District. Our suggested investment amount is $250 per student, however, please make a meaningful gift that is right for your family. Every gift matters.

Investments made on this page are one-time investments. If you prefer to make a monthly investment please click here.

All investments received by June 30, 2020 will be reflected on the RBEF Walls of Recognition.

Check the employer gift matching program to DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT IN RBEF.




How would you like your name listed on the Wall of Recognition?

The options are:

Wife Name & Husband Name
Your First Name and Last Name
The _________ Family

Type your name(s) as you would like them to appear in print.

Our Wall of Recognition is intended to thank individuals for their investment in the community.

To be recognized as an RBEF Business Partner, please visit https://rbef.org/our-business-partners


If your employer offers a gift matching program, it could potentially DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT IN RBEF.

For more information about gift matching programs please click here

Find out if your employer matches gifts!



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